Tafta Too

In the early 80’s, when textile was the backbone of the Mauritian economy, Patricia Lagesse spent several years working as a fashion designer in Mauritius. Her designs were well received by European well known brands, becoming best sellers several years in a row. After an extensive career as fashion designer in the textile industry, Patricia Lagesse decides to launch her own brand TAF’TA The designer dreams of a new concept and aims at creating exclusive, innovative and high quality women clothing. Sumptuous fabrics, impeccable finish as well as a line perfectly adapted to a glamorous and modern look are all distinctive signs of her brand. Twenty three years later, still on the move, Patricia Lagesse creates TAF’TA TOO and opens a new shop in Grand Baie. A nice and elegant space where you can find colourful and modern collections in contemporary fabric

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Tafta Too

Route Royale, Grand Baie
Tel : +230 263 45 43
ZI St Antoine – Goodlands
Tel : +230 5729 0761


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