Indya Vogue

Indya Vogue mixes travel and fashion in bold and brightly coloured pieces. Founded in 2000 by Nishi Koonjul, Indya Vogue is located on a tiny, mesmerizing island in the Indian Ocean. Mauritius’ stunning scenery provides abundant inspiration for each of Indya Vogue’s collections. Nishi brings exoticism, glamour and richness to her clothes and sandals through hand embroidery, hand beading, sequins, strass and Swarovski crystals. Her eye-catching prints designed by herself through inspiration by the turquoise sea and filao trees of her exotic island have brought the brand considerable success. She has also designed some lovely hand-made clay bangles adorned with Swarovski crystals. Indya Vogue identifies itself with the universal woman – fashion forward, earth conscious and uniquely beautiful.

Indya Vogue

Avenue des Capucines, Quatre Bornes
Tel : +230 467 8093
Grand Bay Store Plaza, Grand Bay
Tel : +230 263 5726


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